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The GK Folks Foundation Scholarship programs are education funding options for ABU Students for one Academic school year. The goal of this scholarship is to help those going through some financial difficulties still be able to pay for school and gain a degree respite their situation. The scholarship will cover only tuition cost for the delegate for one academic session. Every year, 3 students will be selected from all the applications received to be awarded the scholarship. The scholarship will be paid directly to the school on behalf of the student.


  • For students who struggle through school to complete their education.
  • This scholarship is dedicated to advancing and helping student studying at ABU
  • Must be in good standing with Ahmadu Bello University Scholarships are available for students who have completed at least one full sessions at Ahmadu Bello University
  • Must have a Cumulative GPA of 2.00/ or higher((2nd class lower or higher)
  • Must be an undergraduate student, a graduate student does not qualify.
  • A student seeking for this scholarship must apply online, provide valid unofficial transcripts showing their GPA for that semester and a letter explaining reasons why they should be considered for the scholarship.
  • Letter/essay should be one page, single-spaced and checked for grammar. Avoid button point. Address the following: Tell us a little about you, explain the reason why you should be considered for this scholarship and lastly, how getting this scholarship will help you with your future endeavors.
  • One letter of recommendation from a professor or a club/organization advisor is required. The letter should discuss how long and in what capacity the recommender has known you.  It should also address the strengths, weaknesses, personal character of the candidate and their potential for success in school if awarded the scholarship
  • Any degree of study is eligible to apply
  • Application for these scholarships must be done every year if the delegate constantly maintains the 2.00 GPA or higher. (2nd class lower or higher)
  • The Foundation reserve the right to award the scholarship or not.
  • Applicants involved in any extracurricular activities should include projects or activities they are completed or currently working on.